Feedback from faculty members of retreats that Lynn has helped lead.

“There is no one else I’d rather have lead praise and worship at our Christian writers retreat than Lynn DeShazo. Her music is soothing, worshipful and thought-provoking, just what I wanted to create the proper atmosphere for a spiritual setting. The words of Lynn’s songs are reminiscent of hymns of yesterday, but contemporary for us today. The first time I heard “Ancient Words” I was at a Christian writers conference, and it touched me so deeply, tears streamed down my face as the lyrics resonated truth about the eternal power of words. Lynn is the perfect opening for a meeting and sets the stage for the keynote as no one else can. I am so thankful she was available to participate in our retreat and share her gift with us.”

Marilyn Turk, author; Director, Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat

“I have so enjoyed the wonderful and worshipful music of Lynn DeShazo. She invites you into the presence of God with her original lyrics, beautiful voice and excellent guitar work. I would highly recommend her.”

James Watkins, Author and Speaker

“Lynn DeShazo’s music–the songs she has penned and the ones she sings–usher in the very Spirit of the Living God and, in turn, those who worship with her, are ushered into the holiest places of God.”

Eva Marie Everson, Author and Speaker; President, Word Weavers International, Inc.; Director, Florida and North Georgia’s Christian Writers Conference

Inspirational Quotes

Worship enables God to be Who He is among those He loves.
-Dr. Judson Cornwall

Prayer is insurrection against powers and principalities.
-Dwight A. Pryor

We’ve built a whole industry on something that Jesus never talked about. The Father is looking for worshippers, not songs.”
-Don Moen

If it sounds good, it is good!
-Louis Armstrong

God’s mercies are new every morning because our messes are new every morning!
-Clay McLean

some of Lynn’s favorite quotes

“I did want to invite you to come and lead worship our next planned conference in Sept of 2019. The feedback was 100% – everyone loved having you with us.”

Ed Underwood, Director, 100 Fold Ministries