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More Precious Than Silver - The Songs of Lynn DeShazo

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When I think about the songs on this recording, I?m reminded of the words of a song from my Girl Scout days: "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." Most of them fall in the "gold" category. These "old friends" were written over a span of twenty plus years, before the turn of the new millennium. Two of them, however, "silver," and were written more recently. And that brings the span of this particular group of songs to just two years shy of thirty.
- from the liner notes

  1. Every Morning
  2. I Belong to a Mighty God
  3. You Are My Refuge
  4. Chariots
  5. I Choose to Worship
  6. More Precious Than Silver
  7. Lead Me to the Rock
  8. Fallen On Him
  9. We Will Remember
  10. For the Beauty of the Earth
  11. The People On Your Heart
  12. Lord of the Harvest
  13. Be Magnified